Our story

Weatherbys Scientific has achieved significant technical milestones – it is an institutional member of the scientific body of the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and it is also accredited by the International Committee for Animal Recording (ICAR). It is also approved with Propel certification by Illumina, and has been selected as an Illumina Beta testing laboratory for new technologies. 


Commencing testing

Weatherbys Scientific commenced parentage testing thoroughbred horses using blood typing technology, establishing operations at a facility on the same site as the Irish Equine Centre in Johnstown, County Kildare, Ireland. 


Expanding services

The technology for parentage verification changed to Microsatellite DNA markers. We started offering parentage testing services for other species – bovine, ovine, canine, companion and exotics.


Building our reputation

The laboratory commenced genotyping cattle using SNP technology. The team quickly developed a reputation for service and versatility and genotyped cattle using the Illumina 7k low density SNP chip.


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Our lab is located in Naas, Dublin
Our lab is located in Naas, Dublin


Developing partnerships

The beginning of our renowned partnership with Irish Cattle Breeders Federation (ICBF). Through a collaborative a research project, we developed a customised SNP chip (IDB) for dairy and beef breeds, genotyping 25,000 cattle/week (the largest program of its type in the world).


Expanding to Australia

Weatherbys Scientific started providing its leading DNA testing, genomics and bioinformatics services to livestock industries in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, thanks to a partnership with the University of Adelaide and facilitated by the State Government.


UK Kennel Club partnership

Our DNA testing services will help improve and protect dog health
Our DNA testing services will help improve and protect dog health

Weatherbys Scientific and UK Kennel club announce long term strategic partnership.

The partnership will provide comprehensive DNA Testing Services, developed to improve and protect dog health, and to promote responsible dog breeding.