Aquaculture & seafood

Aquaculture & seafood

Our aquaculture services provide state of the art genotyping to improve your breeding programme’s efficiency and profitability.

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Our services:

Genetic Trait Testing

We can use our technology to determine whether a sample has genetic mutations that may be detrimental to your breeding programmes. We can also identify mutations that may be beneficial, improving the production of and welfare of your aquaculture which in turn increases profitability

Genetic Trait Testing - Aquaculture

Genomic Testing

We use Illumina technology to provide a multi species genotyping service with the ability to give our customers the information they need to determine breeding values and conduct genome wide association studies

Genomic Testing - Aquaculture

Species Assignment

Using specific genetic markers we can ascertain whether a sample conforms to a species standard

Species Assigment - Aquaculture

Species consultancy

Would you like expert     advice on how our DNA services can benefit you?

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Our passion and focus is the improvement of your animal’s health, welfare & production. We offer a range of multi-species professional and testing services.