Our partnership with the UK Kennel Club creates a combined heritage of nearly 400 years dedicated to expert animal registration and welfare.

The partnership provides a simple process for canine genetic health testing, offering a crucial service which allows breeders to positively impact future generations of dogs by testing their health before they breed.

Our health test packages offer a simple and cost-effective way of carrying out a number of priority DNA tests all from one swab, saving you time, effort and money. Our testing combines all the relevant and significant tests, so puppy buyers can rest assured that their puppy has been bred from a responsible breeder.

What do we test for?

Our DNA tests allow breeders to better understand their dog’s genetics. These tests can tell if the dog is likely to be affected by specific conditions or whether they may pass on the genes associated to these conditions if they’re bred from.

Why do we test?

Knowing more about a dog’s genetics can help reduce the risk of producing puppies affected by inherited conditions. Understanding whether a dog carries a particular disease-causing gene can help to know what to look for when planning matings.

How does it work?

Simply purchase the testing kit from the UK Kennel Club shop, and when it arrives take a mouth swab from inside the dog’s mouth (usually the cheek). Pop the kit in the post and the tests will be processed, then the results sent via email, via post and published on the dog’s profile via the designated Kennel Club profile.

Weatherbys Scientific is proud to be a member of The International Partnership For Dogs.

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