We are pleased to offer bespoke consultancy and expert advice across an array of service, breeding and technology offerings.

At our core, we exist to help livestock producers make informed decisions that positively impact their animal populations and their bottom line.

By leveraging the latest advancements in genomic technology, we enable our clients to gain valuable insights into the genetic makeup of their livestock, and to implement targeted breeding strategies that enhance traits such as health fertility, productivity and sustainability.

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Our services:

SNP Chip & GBS Panel Development

We have worked with many stakeholders to develop SNP genotyping chips and arrays over multiple platforms, always aiming to provide the most useful genetic information for breeding programmes.

This is perhaps best shown in the development of our own proprietary bovine VersaSNP chip for use on the Illumina platform. We can help you develop a chip to use with our technology ensuring you get the best value out of your genomic testing.


In addition, using highly targeted Genotyping by Sequencing methodologies, we can support you to develop dynamic panels bespoke to your needs and partner with you to provide you genotyping requirements. This is using the latest Next Generation Sequencing technologies

Chip & Array Development

Support Services for breeders

We have been in the industry for almost 40 years. With the support of our wide range of industry partners, we can help in the development of meaningful breeding programmes.

A successful breeding programme will ensure you get the most out of your animals, crops or otherwise transition from STRs to SNPs in as seamless away as possible, unlocking the vast potential of SNP analysis for you and your breeding programme

Support Services for breeders

Transitioning from STRs to SNPs

The analysis of short tandem repeats (a.k.a. microsatellites) has been useful for animal identification and parentage verification for over 30 years and Weatherbys Scientific was an early adopter of the technology.

We have amassed expertise in this area during this time. Technology moves on though and single nucleotidepolymorphism analysis can do what STR analysis does and more.

We can help you make the transition from STRs to SNPs in as seamless a way as possible, unlocking the vast potential of SNP analysis for you and your breeding programme.

Transitioning from STRs to SNPs

Consultancy services

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Our passion and focus is the improvement of your animal’s health, welfare & production. We offer a range of multi-species professional and testing services.