Our Equine DNA tests are carried out using cells from the roots of a hair sample. Hair samples should be taken from the main of the tail.


How to correctly collect a hair sample
Package the sample

It is important that once the sample is collected, it is packaged according to the instructions provided. This will involve placing the hairs into the provided sample bags or envelopes and securing them properly. Please ensure the package is labelled correctly with the animal’s identification details.

Complete the required documentation

Complete any necessary paperwork or forms provided by our lab. This will include details about the animal and your contact information. Ensure all information is accurate and complete to avoid any delays or confusion.

Sending the DNA sample

Send the DNA sample package to the designated address, this may be your stud book. Retain any provided tracking numbers or delivery confirmation.

Sample receipt & processing

Once the package reaches our lab, our team will confirm its receipt. We will then proceed with processing the sample.

Results & reports

Once the processing is complete, we will provide the results of the DNA analysis to designated point of contact.

Need assistance?

If you have any queries throughout this entire process, please contact our customer service team.

SUBmit Other samples

Please select from the species below to learn more about correctly submitting your sample for processing.