The expectations of both producers and consumers regarding the quality and traceability of their food, as well as the industry’s need for better productivity to meet the needs of the market, has risen exponentially in the last few years.

Weatherbys Scientific has responded to this demand for testing by utilising the latest techniques and employing expert staff.

Our work in the bovine sector has grown dramatically in recent years, and we can process more than 500,000 samples a year.

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Our services:

Breed assignment

Our comprehensive reference populations for Angus, Hereford, Holstein, Fresian, Simmental, Limousin and Charolais cattle allow us to verify or establish breed of origin for consumer peace of mind.

Breed assignment - Bovine

Forensic testing

Our services and expertise are often used in the identification of animal biological material as evidence in legal matters.

Forensic testing

Genetic trait testing

We identify genes that can assist you in making more informed decisions around mating and breeding, enhancing the health and welfare of your animals.

Genetic trait testing

Genomic Testing

Using Illumina technology, our laboratory provides a genotyping service with our proprietary Bovine Versa SNP chip. Our service offering extends to a wider variety of Illumina and ThermoFisher Genotyping arrays and GBS platforms. Our platforms are used to produce genomic breeding values and genome wide association studies enabling you to breed healthier more productive animals.

Genomic Testing - Bovine

Parentage verification

Ensuring parentage is correct is critical to breeding planning and ensuring the integrity of animal identity. We can confirm parentage using our genomic testing technologies.

Parentage verification

Pedigree allocation

We have an extensive database built up over multiple years in the industry allowing us to allocate unknown parentage.

Pedigree searching

Species Consultancy

Would you like expert advice on how our DNA services can benefit you?

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Our passion and focus is the improvement of your animal’s health, welfare & production. We offer a range of multi-species professional and testing services.