Meet the team - Romy Morrin-O'Donnell

The team at Weatherbys Scientific perform a wide variety of roles, and every day is different. Come with us as we take you behind the scenes and hear first hand from some of our people in our new "meet the team" series. In this second instalment, get to know our International Sales Director, Romy Morrin-O’Donnell.

When did you begin working for Weatherbys Scientific and what was it that drew you to the company originally?

I started in Weatherbys Scientific back in 1986, having already worked in the biomedical industry for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service. I knew the members of staff who had set up the Weatherbys Scientific laboratory here in Ireland, and decided to make the switch. I was a young, qualified scientist who already had a good base of understanding and transferable skills, so it was a natural step in my career; and I haven’t looked back since.

How has Weatherbys Scientific changed from your first day to now?

First of all, and the most obvious, is the technology which has changed massively. We have developed from blood typing to high end DNA genotyping using cutting edge technology and it has been amazing to be a part of the journey along the way. It hasn’t just been the technology that has changed though, our customer base has also expanded massively. We initially started out in the Irish equine thoroughbred industry but have since incorporated non-thoroughbred as well as other species too. Weatherbys Scientific has moved outside of just Ireland and gone global in this time also.

What is your proudest achievement/moment in your time at Weatherbys Scientific?

From a business perspective, one of the proudest is the day that we were successful in winning the ICBF tender and I played a big part in helping steer the tender response. This was a huge victory in the history of Weatherby Scientific, working more closely with the industry in Ireland and becoming the service provider to the ICBF, we introduced cutting edge technology which helped the company springboard onto bigger things.

From a personal point of view, I was extremely proud to be asked to be chair of ICAR DNA working group and this was something I felt honoured to be a part of.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on?

I would say my time in Australia, the opportunity to travel over to Australia and New Zealand and work on the early stages of business development for that part of the business was extremely interesting, especially now seeing how successful Weatherbys Australia has become.

How would you describe the company culture and values?

The culture here is the history, that is the unique thing about Weatherbys, especially in today’s world. Weatherbys is a family institution dating back to the 18th Century, and you can really feel that working here, as if you are a part of that family. We are always aware of those family values of integrity and trust – I am proud of who Weatherbys is and always want to represent the company in the best way.

What advice would you provide to someone who is interested in your field?

My main point of advice would be to never be afraid to take opportunities that present themselves, the science industry is very exciting with lots of interesting developments that constantly creates these opportunities. You shouldn’t think that you don’t have the ability or experience or skillset, and you should grasp these opportunities with both hands and continue to develop and learn as you go through your career. It is an extremely rewarding industry, and you can help support important causes and address meaningful issues.

What is one thing people may not know about your role? / What is one thing people may not know about WeatherbysScientific?

In terms of my own role, many may be unaware that I do have a heavily science-based background before I took on the role of International Sales Director. In terms of Weatherbys Scientific, many people still just associate us with the thoroughbred industry but don’t quite realise how diverse and expansive our services are in terms of other species.