Weatherbys Scientific at the British Cattle Breeding Club Conference

Last week Weatherbys Scientific attended the British Cattle Breeding Club’s 75th anniversary conference.

The theme of the conference was “challenging traditions” and promoted discussion around how the industry can compete in the global marketplace.

As the role of fertility was a strong theme throughout the sessions, maternal traits were a reoccurring topic of discussion. The importance of grassland management and feed efficiency was emphasised by many of the speakers over the course of the event.

“Grass is a resource, cattle are the tool to convert grass into profit."​​​​​​​ Aaron Nerbas

The seminar also showcased the positive effect that genetics and breeding practices can play in driving sustainability. Rainer Roehe, a professor of animal genetics and microbiome at Scotland’s Rural College, presented a talk on ‘Climate smart efficient cattle through rumen microbiome-driven breeding’. His work looked at the influence of the gut microbiome on methane emissions and feed efficiency.

“Farmers are part of the solution and although we are on the right end of the spectrum doesn’t mean that we can’t do better and be an exemplar for the rest of the world.” Professor Geoff Simm

It is optimistic to see so much effort being put forth by stakeholders across the industry to ensure that we play our part in tackling the demands of 21st century farming.​​​​​​​

Thank you to the British Cattle Breeding Club for providing the platform for such engaging discussions.